Who We Are ?

35Southern Maryland Dirt Riders (SMDR) was established by several families in 1988. They recognized a lack of legal areas where family members could enjoy off-road riding. As off-road popularity increased and word of the club had spread we have grown beyond anyone’s expectation.Since our inception, we have become a Maryland corporation, Southern Maryland Dirt Riders Club Incorporated, recognized by the federal government as a non-profit organization. We have an elected Board of Directors who oversees all aspects of the club’s operation. SMDR’s mission statement says it best:

Southern Maryland Dirt Riders  is anon profit recreational riding club, dedicated to all segments of the off road riding sport. Our goals are to promote and expand safe/responsible/enjoyable riding opportunities for our members; to create camaraderie amongst our membership; and to project a positive image of our sport.

muddySMDR offers a wide variety of off-road riding for all ages and skill levels. As it is increasingly harder to find good places to ride, SMDR offers family fun, outings and more importantly, legal areas to ride. Our membership includes youngsters on 50cc bikes with training wheels to those who have raced competitively for 20+ years and every type of rider in between. We pride ourselves on being a family oriented club. No rider, no matter what age or skill level, is insignificant. We are a non-competition club. We aim to foster camaraderie and good sportsmanship as primary goals, while enjoying the sport. SMDR is not an instructional club, although our experienced riders may offer advice